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As Android remains the leading mobile OS platform covering the vast majority of smartphone devices in the market, you cannot leave aside the Android app from your mobile strategy. At BinStellar we provide a one stop window for building all kinds of Android app development services and leverage cutting edge Android technologies, Android features and key integrations.


Android development services

BinStellar offers an exhaustive range of Android app development services ranging from ideation and prototyping to UI/UX design to custom Android development to Android wearable app development to support and maintenance.

  • Ideation and Prototyping

    Ideation and Prototyping

    At BinStellar, our Android experts help you to fine-tune your app idea and strategically make it more audience centric and come with design prototypes that perfectly represent the expected user experience.

  • Android UI/UX Design

    Android UI/UX Design

    BinStellar is a leading name in designing sophisticated user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for all mobile apps including Android mobile and wearable apps.

  • Custom Android App Development

    Custom Android App Development

    BinStellar boasts an expert and experienced team of Android app developers with years of track record in building several industry leading Android apps across diverse niches.

  • Android Wearable App Development

    Android Wearable App Development

    BinStellar is also a leading Android wearable development company with several successful apps in the Android wearable app market.

  • Quality Assurance Testing

    Quality Assurance Testing

    At BinStellar, we also offer industry acclaimed quality assurance testing services for all Android app projects and we boast of an expert in-house QA testing team for Android mobile and wearable app projects.

  • Support and Maintenance

    Support and Maintenance

    BinStellar offers robust and continuous post-development support to all Android app projects and ensures continuous value addition through recurring updates and maintenance services.


Our Core Services

  • Strategy


    Building things that have never been done before is a common strategy followed at Binstellar. We research, clarify business and audience goals and establish a common vision.

  • Wireframe


    Capturing the wrongs before the implementation is our expertise. We implement this with our wireframe services. Let’s take the first step towards success with a user-centric wireframe.

  • Design


    Our strong design foundations help us to unify the complex purpose-driven thoughts and components into an empathetic, simple and clear user experience.

  • Development


    Development should be precise. As a leading web development company, we ensure any software or website or web app should work flawlessly for any user at any time.

  • Testing


    Our testing/QA services make us proud, as we go left to right and top to bottom and check the errors, making the software flawless from function to quality.


Our Work

Android Development

If as a business you want to shake your mobile,e presence with sophisticated iPhone and Android apps furnished with state of the art features and user experience attributes, you cannot leave aside the industry leading Android app development platform. An Android app helps you to reach out to the wider smartphone audience spread across the vast majority of smartphone devices in the market.

Since there are already several millions Android apps competing with one another, making a stable and worth-remembering footprint with a unique and engaging Android app is of course challenging. But such challenges can be met and the tough turf of competition can be sailed through by an expert and experienced Android development company.

We are one of the early starters in the Android development space and over the years developed several award winning and widely benchmarked Android mobile and wearable apps with cutting edge features and user experience. The Android app developers at BinStellar boasts of years of experience in many challenging projects of different sizes and niches.

The cost of building an Android app depends upon several key factors including the features and functionalities, chosen tech stack and project complexities, development approaches and allocated time to launch the app. Irrespective of these variable factors, BinStellar helps you with exceptionally fast paced development by utilising our core Android development skills.

The cost of hiring Android app developers depends upon the skills, expertise and experience of the developers, project size and complexities, hiring model, project location and several other factors. These factors apart, BinStellar offers the most experienced bunch of Android app developers versed with latest development skills, latest OS versions and key programming languages and tech stack.

The development time for building an Android app entirely depends upon the project size and complexities, the number of challenging and unique features, chosen development methodology and approaches, etc. With a grave understanding of these factors, BinStellar further helps in fast-paced development by embracing agile methodology, MVP development approach, continuous testing and iteration throughout the project.

BinStellar as the leading Android app development company is sought after for all kinds of Android app projects for its commitment to uncompromising quality, superior performance, unique and instantly engaging user experience, faster time to market and highly competitive pricing. The company has developed a plethora of sophisticated Android apps for leading brands and startups and helped shaping their mobile presence.

Dedicated app developers stay ahead of the part-timers or developers dealing with several projects just because of their uncompromising commitment to quality, stringent focus and unperturbed development time given entirely to one project. By hiring dedicated Android app developers from BinStellar, you can give your project the best exposure to Android development expertise.

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