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Use the power of Angular framework to build most sophisticated, feature rich, performance-savvy and dynamic web apps allowing instant iteration and collaboration. To shape a unique web presence use the powerful Angular capabilities and features and stay ahead of the competitive curve. BinStellar as the leading Angular app development company with years of exposure and experience across multitude of challenging Angular projects can help your web presence stay ahead of the competitive curve.


Angular development services

BinStellar boasts of a dedicated Angular development process with expert Angular web developers. The company offers all types of Angular development services ranging from custom web development to cross platform app development to Angular enterprise app development to integration, migration, support and maintenance services.

  • LAngular cross-platform app Development

    Angular cross-platform app Development

    At BinStellar, developers use Angular framework to develop highly customized cross-platform mobile apps with native and platform specific UI layer and user experience.

  • Angular custom web Development

    Angular custom web Development

    At BinStellar, Angular is used for developing sophisticated and user centric custom web apps with responsive look and feel for diverse business niches.

  • Angular enterprise app  Development

    Angular enterprise app Development

    Angular is used by us in building robust and powerful enterprise apps equipped with most performance-demanding features, huge scalability and instantly engaging user experience.

  • Angular e-commerce   Development

    Angular e-commerce Development

    At BinStellar, we also develop e-commerce apps and web stores from the scratch by utilising the scalable and dynamic features and high performance attributes of Angular.

  • Angular Integration and Migration

    Angular Integration and Migration

    BinStellar Angular experts also help existing web, enterprise and mobile app projects to integrate Angular framework or migrate to Angular based frontend.

  • Support and maintenance

    Support and maintenance

    BinStellar provides continuous post-development support and maintenance services to all Angular app projects and helps keep web apps updated with frequent security, feature and performance updates.


Our Core Services

  • Strategy


    Building things that have never been done before is a common strategy followed at Binstellar. We research, clarify business and audience goals and establish a common vision.

  • Wireframe


    Capturing the wrongs before the implementation is our expertise. We implement this with our wireframe services. Let’s take the first step towards success with a user-centric wireframe.

  • Design


    Our strong design foundations help us to unify the complex purpose-driven thoughts and components into an empathetic, simple and clear user experience.

  • Development


    Development should be precise. As a leading web development company, we ensure any software or website or web app should work flawlessly for any user at any time.

  • Testing


    Our testing/QA services make us proud, as we go left to right and top to bottom and check the errors, making the software flawless from function to quality.


Our Work

Angular Development

Angular is widely regarded to be the most mature web development framework with unmatched performance, dynamic feature set and uncompromising security. Angular as the most evolved framework is frequently updated and offers a large global community of developers who continuously add value for Angular developers and projects. No wonder, Angular has been the chosen framework for many of the world's leading apps, business websites and enterprise solutions.

Angular is traditionally considered to be the ideal technology to develop dynamic single page apps (SPA). As the framework continues to evolve and become leaner and simplified over time, it quickly fits into mobile, enterprise and e-commerce app projects as well because of its dynamic feature set.

As a full stack development company having expertise in MEAN stack, BinStellar has a robust frontend development team versed with the nitty gritties of Angular and with a large portfolio of successful apps based on Angular. We have many of the industry's best experts in Angular development having exposure to the entire evolution of AngularJS to Angular in the span of nearly a decade.

Predicting the cost of an Angular project is a bit challenging as there are several variable factors ranging from the type and complexity of the project, features, functionalities and user experience attributes, etc. Irrespective of these varying factors, BinStellar offers most expertise driven Angular development service at the best competitive rate.

The cost of hiring Angular developers largely depends upon the expertise, skills and experience of the developers, the project type and complexities and the development methodology. At BinStellar, we boast of a large pool of talented Angular developers and allow you to hire with the most flexible engagement and hiring model as well as a highly competitive rate.

The time required for building an Angular app depends upon the type of the app project and its features, functionalities as well as user experience attributes apart from the expertise and skills of the developers and chosen development method. BinStellar tries to tune things to the best of project advantage to ensure optimum development speed and to adhere to project deadlines.

BinStellar boasts a highly talented team of Angular developers with years of experience and exposure across many challenging and successful Angular app projects from diverse niches. We are sought after for our proven command on skills, portfolio of successful apps and highly competitive pricing.

Dedicated developers ensure higher level of commitment, unperturbed focus and uncompromising output in development projects. By hiring the dedicated Angular development team from BinStellar, you can actually get the best of this acclaimed frontend technology for your app project.

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