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We offer UI/UX design services that help brands to shape their digital identity with unique flair and aesthetics. Our design services are focused on helping the users in engaging with the app features and functionalities with a unique approach to facilitate interactions. We create app design that wins the competitive battle with apps from other brands.

Mobile App Design

Services Design

We offer comprehensive design services for all digital apps and solutions across all business niches and categories. We boast of a large team of expert designers and UX/UI design specialists experienced in creating winning designs for all kinds of software apps and solutions.

  • Responsive Design

    UI/UX Design

    At BinStellar the UI/UX design specialists ensure that the app design remains consistent with the brand image and accentuates the brand presence with graphic elements and unique design concepts. In design we always take care of simplifying user experience to facilitate easy user engagement.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive Design

    We offer responsive web design services to help enterprises design app interfaces that offer consistent look and feel across multiple devices and interfaces. With responsive design we help you to build one app that works across multiple devices.

  • Mobile App Design

    Mobile App Development

    We design mobile app UI and UX that can easily engage your audience and help boost business conversion. We design mobile apps that ensure creating optimum impact on the target users and create a positive vibe about the brands.

  • Design Prototyping

    Design Prototyping Development

    We also offer expert design prototyping services by using the most advanced prototyping tools and prototyping protocols. We create app prototypes to help app clients understand the actual app user experience and decide accordingly.


    PSD To HTML Development

    If your website still depends on Photoshop documents (PSD) for visual elements we help you to convert them into more advanced HTML code to ensure optimum speed of loading and performance.


    Usability Testing

    We offer usability testing services to help our clients evaluate the design and overall user experience. We use continuous testing and integration to ensure optimum quality in app development and utilise the best testing tools.

Our Core Services

  • Strategy


    Pulling our socks up with different research methods, we collect every detail of the user you want to engage with. The particulars of users preferences are rolled up together to build aesthetic design and you as a front-runner.

  • Wireframe


    Our designers could easily find out inaccuracies in any web project. Pushing a pixel from here to there is not a big deal, but doing so enables us to use our speciality and create a strong visual appearance for your brand.

  • Design


    Combining both the hemispheres of the brain, we bring together a flawless storm of rich design with functionality and usability ruling them. We allow you to lead the front-end space with a design that is loved by the user.

  • Development

    MVP Development

    We choose the best technologies to make the proper use of affinity diagrams and develop a prototype of your choice. We ensure your MVP is not just a mere MVP, but an MVP that comes to market with absolute confidence.

  • Testing


    We are enthusiasts of everything related to QA. The testers at Binstellar work on manual and automation testing, to fix the performance at every stage a user interacts, from compatibility to SEO optimization needs.


Our Work

UI/UX Services

The design in any software or app solution helps to engage the audience and ensure optimum traction. A good app design ensures optimum usability and effortless user experience. A good design also ensures maintaining optimum

While mobile app design shapes the look and feel of apps in terms of app layout, fonts, colour scheme, graphics and other design elements, the app development is basically about building app features, functionalities and other user experience attributes.

It takes a creative mind and innovative approach to create engaging app design that instantly finds traction with the target audience. Great app design involves experience in creating fluid user interactions, expertise with prototyping and design tools and out of the box thinking.

BinStellar is a leading app design company with years of frontline experience and several award winning apps with sophisticated and instantly engaging interface. When you choose BinStellar, you actually avail industry's best design expertise.

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