Magento Development

Magento Development Services

By using the power of Magento we build robust e-commerce stores and business websites that cater to specific enterprise needs with design that aligns easily with the audience expectations and features that are specific to industry needs. We ensure building high performance Magento e-commerce stores with unique user experience.


Magento Development

At BinStellar, we offer comprehensive Magento development services covering each and every aspect in the development journey. From design and development to migration to consulting and support and maintenance, we take care of all.

  • Magento E-commerce Development

    Magento E-commerce Development

    BinStellar offers robust enterprise digital commerce solutions thanks to an experienced and expertise driven team of Magento eCommerce developers and ensures creating customer-centric, high-performing, feature-rich, highly scalable, Magento stores and business websites.

  • Magento Migration

    Magento Migration

    With a team of leading experts we help your e-commerce site or business website easily move to Magento. At BinStellar we offer a dedicated team of Magento migration experts to help get your ecommerce business get the best of the platform.

  • Magento Web Design

    Magento Web Design

    We help you get the best of Magento web design that perfectly captures the customer's expectations and offers a unique and engaging experience powered alongside a strategic feature set for optimum revenue generation.

  • Magento Consulting


    We offer expert Magento consulting and eCommerce optimization services to take care of all the technical and strategic attributes to ensure optimum Magento performance besides offering a highly customer-centric and engaging shopping experience for customers.

  • Magento Integration

    Magento Integration

    At BinStellar we have the expertise to integrate Magento with a spectrum of other technologies and systems, apps and various third-party services and tools that can help you bolster the power of Magento along with other technologies.

  • Magento Integration

    Magento Support & Maintenance

    At BinStellar, we offer round the clock Managed support and maintenance Services to cater to enterprise grade requirements and typical pitfalls that require continuous support.


Our Core Services

  • Strategy


    Building things that have never been done before is a common strategy followed at Binstellar. We research, clarify business and audience goals and establish a common vision.

  • Wireframe


    Capturing the wrongs before the implementation is our expertise. We implement this with our wireframe services. Let’s take the first step towards success with a user-centric wireframe.

  • Design


    Our strong design foundations help us to unify the complex purpose-driven thoughts and components into an empathetic, simple and clear user experience.

  • Development


    Development should be precise. As a leading web development company, we ensure any software or website or web app should work flawlessly for any user at any time.

  • Testing


    Our testing/QA services make us proud, as we go left to right and top to bottom and check the errors, making the software flawless from function to quality.


Our Work

Magento Development

Magento is the most versatile open source e-commerce platform that ensures creating a very scalable, flexible, stable and intuitive online shopping experience and business to business commercial transactions. Magento comes packed with all features for modern e-commerce websites including online marketing, CRM, SEO, invoicing tools and inventory-management.

As the open source eCommerce CMS platform Magento gets its fair share of continuous innovation efforts and Magento 2 offers all the updates and advanced features that e-commerce stores can be hugely benefited from. If you want to build a powerful e-commerce store or business website using advanced Magento features, embracing Magento 2.0 is essential.

Though Magento comes packed with all necessary features that make an advanced e-commerce web store, it requires the hands and minds of experienced and expert Magento developers who can leverage the power of the platform. It is always advisable to hire a Magento development company with years of experience and solid track record and portfolio of several successful Magento web stores.

At BinStellar you have the most experienced and expertise driven team of developers and designers capable of delivering most strategically matured, creatively brilliant, technically well equipped, customer-centric and result driven solutions. Over the years we have built a wide array of winning e-commerce solutions by using the power of Magento.

The time for developing a Magento website is dependent on several factors including the size and complexity of the web project, the features, UI/UX attributes, the chosen design and development tools, development methodologies and skills and experience of the developers. Depending on these factors for building a Magento website it may take 15 days or a month of time.

Similar to the development time, the cost of developing a Magento website also depends upon several key factors such as the size and complexity of the website, features of the website, UI/UX specifications and the experience and skills of the developers. At BinStellar, we ensure offering the most competitive rate for developing high performance Magento websites for a wide array of business niches.

We at BinStellar, have a robust team of experienced Magento developers with years of experience and several successful Magento web development projects. Our Magento developers bag a solid portfolio of successful Magento websites developed for a wide array of business niches.

Dedicated developers are always preferred for their standalone commitment to excellence and it is not different in case of the Magento developers as well. We at BinStellar, offer a big team of dedicated Magento developers with years of solid experience and robust exposure across a wide variety of challenging web development projects.

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