Test Routes is an exceptional mobile app that has been designed and developed keeping all the concerns and pain points experienced by the new motor driving learners and driving license applicants in mind. The app created by experienced and highly qualified driving instructors and a team of expert developers can really boost the confidence of the learners before they take the practical driving test for the license. The app by providing a fixed route navigation helps the learners to manage the driving skills and challenges in a more practical manner just like an expert driving trainer.

Test Routes besides offering navigational guidance in driving practice sessions, helps you with timely alerts for your impending driving test, offers you comprehensive report regarding your skill development and shortcomings and guides you through the process of application and obtaining driving license with least hassles. If you want to pass the driving test at first attempt and get a comprehensive digital training solution in your training sessions, TestRoutes is a must-have application for you.

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Test Route
  • Feature Heading

    Fixed Test Drive Navigation

    The test drive navigation feature will help you stick to a fixed test route for driving practice and easily get back to your starting point if you go in the wrong direction while driving.

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    Enhancing Driving Skills

    TestRoutes will help you follow a test drive route that incorporates a variety of U turns, roundabouts, T-junctions, crossings for pedestrians, one direction paths, multilane ways, and different on-road scenarios.

  • Feature Heading

    Choice of Test Centres

    It also allows you to take test centre's of your choice within your city. You can choose any one of the 4 different test centres for your driving test. Depending upon your chosen test centre, you will be provided different test routes.

  • Feature Heading

    Consolidated Report

    TestRoutes app will also provide consolidated reports on the development of your driving skills and the shortcomings that you need to work upon. With a consolidated report you can work on your driving skills to pass the test at the very first attempt.

The Challenge

The list of challenges for building this unique app, were too heavy on paper. In the beginning the in-house team of BinStellar developers started to build the navigation feature (the most critical feature of this app) by using the Google Map API. But soon the developers realised that this API is making it difficult to guide the users to the original starting point of the fixed test route in case the users take the wrong route during practice. Until the realisation of the issue, more than 50% of the development was already completed. So, what was the next solution for this challenge?

The Challenge
The Challenge

The Solutions

In spite of this challenge of faulty development by using a problematic API, our developers at BinStellar started afresh by embracing the new Mapbox API and began building the app from scratch. This time everything just went fine and the final app output came just following the app objectives and developer expectations in every bit.

The Result

By using the Mapbox API, our developers could build the TestRoutes app with the desired navigation to allow the drivers to get back to the original starting point of the test route without any difficulty. This time with the new API, the app delivered the performance and navigation feature as per the original expectations set by the project. The app helps the user to learn, practice, find different routes from multiple centers and even choose the final exam route as their practice route. Ultimately, the app is a complete solution for passionate new learners who want to gain excellence in driving.

The Result

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